Luxury camping on the farm

Every Feather Down location has its own character, but the accommodations are the same in style and comfort. They’re fully equipped for 2, 4, 6 or 10 persons. In the kitchen you will find cold running tap water and all kinds of kitchenware: from a pair of scissors to pots and pans, from cutlery to mugs.. you don’t have to take anything from home!

Glamping accommodations

Lighting is provided by oil lamps and candles and you’ll be cooking up your meal on the wood-fired stove. It’s also possible to cook outside on your own BBQ. Each accommodation also comes with a picknick table as well as two deck chairs. Furthermore, each accommodation has its own toilet and comfortable beds with high-quality mattresses. Included with the accommodation is a starter pack with candles, kitchen linen, and sufficient firewood during your stay.

Please note: Each accommodation comes with its own toilet, however, the Canvas Frills Lodges and Log Cabins also have their own private bathroom. With the Canvas Lodges and Canvas Lodge for 10 persons, you’ll be able to enjoy a luxury warm shower at the communal shower block.

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