Feather Down: luxury camping on the farm

What is Feather Down? You’ll stay with the farmer on the farm in luxury accommodations. Enjoy quality time with your family and friends without TV, radio and modern facilities. Simply enjoy each other’s company without the distractions of technology! There is no electricity or hot water. Light comes from the candles and oil lamps in your accommodation, and cooking is done on the rustic wood-fired stove. At Feather Down you’ll experience the cosy feeling of glamping, but with the luxury of a cottage. No stress of putting up a tent, a leaky air mattress or having to walk across the campsite with a toilet roll under your arm, instead you’ll enjoy comfy mattresses, a complete kitchen, own shower* and toilet!

*With each accommodation you’ll have your own private toilet, however, with the Canvas Lodge, Canvas Lodge for 4 and Canvas Lodge for 10 you will take a luxury hot shower at the communal shower block on the farm.

Glamping locations in Europe

The Feather Down concept was born over 16 years ago in The Netherlands and has since welcomed thousands of glamping enthusiasts from all over the world. Those who choose for a glamping holiday with Feather Down are spoilt for choice as they can pick from at least sixty-five locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, and Switzerland! Experience nature of the English countryside and the beauty of the 4 seasons at the door step of your accommodation.

For the whole family

Feather Down is unique because children can play in a safe environment and are surrounded by farm animals. On the farms, there are often games and activities to participate in. Read more about these special activities here. Guests of all ages will be bound to have a good time and each location offers something different to learn and discover. Learn everything from the daily farm life on the farm tour or take a seat during one of the communal meal evenings. There’s a reason that Feather Down guests rate their stay at around 9,5/10!

Feather Down is for everyone who enjoys a cosy setting on the campsite, but would also like the luxury and quality. You’ll experience the feeling that you’re camping and have the luxury of a proper bed, kitchen, shower, and toilet. Overall, there is always something to do when you’re staying at a working farm!

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What is the difference?

Farm Tour
On-site host
Flushing toilet
Pizza night The cost of the pizza night is not included
Equipped with kitchenette
Cold running water
Wood for heating & cooking
Kitchen linen package
Honesty Shop
Quality beds