The Feather Down glamping Farm Tour

At the start of your family holiday on the farm, the farmer will give you the glamping farm tour, which will be particular to the type of farm& the outlook of the farmer. It will have been worked up and added to every time so that the one you get is the current best! You will meet all the animals, find out all about the farm’s connection to the land and livestock and what the farmer does on a typical day.

Get to know your hosts and fellow guests

Besides rediscovering nature, kids can learn where food comes from and get involved with the animals. Each farm tour is particular to each farm! Although the farmers’ warmth and desire to teach is a constant across all our locations. You will really get to know your hosts! The farm tours loved by guests thanks to the effort the farmers put in. They are always designed keeping what children will enjoy in mind.

More on the Tour

The tour might take in pony grooming, goat milking, conservation on the working farm and care for the environment. Sometimes, you’ll be meeting animals days, hours or even minutes after their birth! Your kids will go home full to bursting with stories and knowledge.

All of the variation

There are 30 more locations in the UK alone, so 35 variations on the Feather Down Farm Tour …