A glamping holiday in Switzerland on the farm

In Wallis, Switzerland's third-largest canton, recreation-seekers will find plenty to keep them entertained. In the northern part, where Feather Down Wallis can be found, German is spoken, while in the direction of Lake Geneva are French speaking Swiss. The beautiful scenery, impressive mountains and romantic valleys of the region are sure to impress any nature lover.

Your luxury camping destination, the Lötschental in Wallis

The Lötschental, where the idyllic river Lonza stretches from the Langgletscher to the Rhône, is surrounded by numerous 3,000m high mountains. People who live here are known as "Lötscher" and they're determined to keep the old customs of the region alive. Churches and chapels are abundant and each of the places of interest in the Lötschental, such as Blatten, Ferden, Kippel and Wiler, has something historical, such as a village oven or a saw mill.

Glamping on a farm in Wallis

At the Wallis, Karin and Dani Ritler are looking forward to bringing you closer to an organic farm life. Sheep are bred at the farm and Karin, being a passionate cook, offers great cooking classes. Families with children will find numerous playgrounds, swimming pools or interesting places to visit in the Lötschental. The surroundings of the farm are ideal for walks or mountaineering. Everywhere there are nice restaurants to enjoy the wonderful view. Cyclists will find ideal conditions, from easy journeys to challenging mountain bike tours.