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Discover our new farms!

Before we take in new locations within the Feather Down and Collection family, they go through a thorough selection process. We think our guests deserve a warm welcome, whatever location they choose as their destination! We are thrilled to present our new Feather Down and Collection locations:
*They’ll be available latest by 1st July 2019

Luxury camping in the UK

Fountain Violet Farm is the latest addition to Feather Down Farms. Located outside the quaint village of Kingswear, in the stunning South Devon Countryside. This part-organic family-run farm is the perfect location for a family glamping trip! Set on 130 acres of grassland, Fountain Violet Farm is surrounded by miles of coastal views, but it is its proximity to the River Dart that is truly breathtaking. Opening date: 1st week of July

Bucklebury Reading Collection, set on 77 acres of rolling parkland in the glorious West Berkshire countryside, is one of the most recent additions to Feather Down Farms. Nestled on the edge of Bucklebury Village, this stunning glamping experience provides everything a family holiday needs! The sprawling farm and deer safari park is much more than a working farm, the team prides itself on fostering a love for the great outdoors and educating their guests about produce and where it comes  from. Opening date: 1st week of July

Another area well worth visiting is Northumberland where you will find Northumberland Farm. Explore the farm around springtime to witness the lambs happily trotting about the farm. The biodiversity on the farm is excellent with lots of birds, plants, and insects, and other wildlife in abundance… hares, badgers, rabbits, roe deer, owls, yellowhammers, geese, swans, and buntings galore. Opening date: 2nd week of May

Watch the world go by from your luxury camping accommodation with private shower at Looe Collection in Cornwall. Take a look into the life of the farmer by witnessing the cows being milked, stroll along Looe Beach, head out for a boat trip, visit the breathtaking Eden Project, the nearby monkey sanctuary, or simply relax and unwind while your children have all the space to play. Opening date: 1st weekend of July

Discovering the Belgian countryside

In Belgium, near Bruges, lies Hoeve Brugge Collection. Those that can be real quiet, will hear…nothing! Apart from the sounds of nature and the abundance of animals that can be found here that is. Hoeve Brugge Collection is a unique location in the middle of the Brugse Ommeland where there is plenty to experience. The Pierlapont family is looking forward to giving you a warm welcome! Opening date: Last week of April

A family holiday in France

France is certainly a beautiful holiday destination, which is why we are thrilled to announce our newest additions in one of France’s most gorgeous spots: La Flocellière en Vendée Collection. This location lies within the breath-taking landscape of the province Vendée and offers stunning panoramic views of the meadows, hills, and children being able to play without worry in the far-reaching green pastures. Opening date: 1st week of April

Glamping holiday on Corsica

Do you want to experience glamping on a farm and are you looking for a unique glamping holiday? Come and take a look at our new location in … Corsica! Figari Corsica Collection lies in the South of Corsica on the edge of the mountains in Figari. In the South of Corsica, you will find many small bays, peaceful beaches, beautiful nature, and brilliant sightseeing spots. From Figari Corsica Collection you are within just 25-30 minutes by car from the magnificent town of Bonifacio. Opening date: 1st week of April

Glamping in Germany

Nature in Germany is always a gorgeous site to see, especially within the Thuringer Forest where you can find Hohenwarter Seehof Collection! The lodges are a little higher in the forest with stunning clear views of the Hohenwarter reservoir. On the farm itself, there is an abundance of animals to be found, from cattle, pigs, and pygmy goats to Shetland ponies, chickens, and rabbits. The area also offers many outdoor activities, such as fishing, walking, and boating. Opening date: 3rd week of May