A family holiday in South-Holland, discover the luxurious Feather Down accommodations!

Want to treat yourself to a little break or enjoy a lovely getaway with the family? Feather Down is the answer! In The Netherlands, we have several farms where you'll be able to enjoy a luxurious glamping holiday. In the typical Dutch surroundings you'll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. A perfect holiday!

Enjoy a glamping holiday with the family in South-Holland!

Choosing to stay with Feather Down? Then you'll be guaranteed to stay at a location with beautiful surroundings. South-Holland has a lot to offer. From beaches to national parks. How about the the Nieuwkoopse Plassen for example?

From nature to the city during a glamping holiday!

During a stay in South-Holland you are guaranteed to be at a central location. Take a trip to the beach, go on a forest walk or visit one of the bigger cities. Have a look around on the boulevard in Scheveningen, discover The Hague or go on a shopping trip to Rotterdam. It's a holiday for all!

A unique experience for all ages!

The Feather Down farms are a unique camping experience for everyone. Take a look at our farms in South-Holland to plan your trip!