Brabant : discover the rich campine history of on your family holiday

A fun and adventurous family holiday awaits, when you book a vacation in the Campine, Holland. This location is known for its diverse landscape, suiting hiking and biking activities. The locals are friendly and welcoming and the various natural attractions and numerous places of interest, will keep you and your children thoroughly entertained.

Beautiful landscapes with a rich history

This destination is strikingly scenic, and blessed with beautiful natural attractions. Spend time glamping in the idyllic countryside and rural farmlands of Meijerij, or visit the Medieval History Centre in Eindhoven, the largest city in the Campine. Here you'll learn about this destination's ancient Celto, Germanic and Roman past, while stepping back in time, walking along the city's ancient Dutch brick paved streets.

The Fairy Tale Forest provides lots of family entertainment

The Fairy Tale Forest is a major attraction, located in the wooded region of Efteling. The place has a magical charm that captivates adults and children. Toadstools are musical and 28 fairy tales, including Cinderella, Tom Thumb and Hansel and Gretel, unfold right before your very eyes, as you wander through the forest's verdant trails. The forest's open air theatre provides hours of entertainment.

Amusement parks and haunted castles

Pop in to see the haunted Castle, in Efteling, for a thrilling day of adventure. The modestly sized BestZOO, situated in Best, is also worth a visit.