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La ferme du Hitton Gers

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Information La ferme du Hitton Gers

La ferme du Hitton Gers has 77 hectares of woods and meadows with incredible views of the Gers countryside.After several years traveling the world, Manu and Cécile decided to settle in the heart of the Gers in 2011 to create an ecological farm to live with their children in harmony with nature and animals.  In January 2012, they brought in their first dairy donkeys of the Pyrénés (a protected local breed) and planted their first lavenders on the farm. They now grow lavender, immortelle, peppermint, and rosemary, which they distill on-site to produce organic essential oils.

La ferme du Hitton Gers is a certified organic farm. The farm follows even stricter rules regarding the environment, people and animals.

Activities on the farm:

During your holidays at this farm, you can spot their donkeys, caress them and milk them – you can drink them as well! Go for a walk through the woods, meadows and fields of aromatic plants. Depending on the season you can even attend the harvest or distillation of their lavender plant. Manu and Cécile will be able to introduce you to the secrets of the manufacturing of their soaps and the ancient technique of cold saponification. Discover this haven of peace during family glamping holidays and bring home a souvenir from their shop. They sell organic soap and cosmetics made with organic donkey milk, organic essential oil, balms, scented vegetable candles, honey, chocolate spread, and organic donkey milk!

Discover the surroundings:

La ferme du Hitton Gers is a 20-minute drive from Auch city. This city is majestically dominated by the Sainte-Marie Cathedral, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through the historic center, visit the statue of D’Artagnan and participate in one of the many regularly organized festivals.
Less than 10 minutes from the farm is the flower village of Ordan-Larroque. There are two hiking trails allowed for hikers to visit the village.


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