Interested in trying something new with the support of an established brand? Join us.

Join Feather Down for a unique chance to earn extra income and offer something special by diversifying what your farm can do.

How to join Feather Down

Why should you join Feather Down?

  • A higher income from your land
  • A brand you can trust (we’ve been in operation for 11 years)
  • We invest in the luxury camping accommodation
  • Many accommodation options
  • All the sales & marketing will be managed by Feather Down
  • We take care of the bookings, payments and customer care

What will you get?

  • Extra income
  • Your own webpage on our website with 2 million+ visitors yearly
  • To be a part of the FD community with annual meetings
  • Coaching from the office on how to increase your income

How does it work?

  • You arrange the land, the permit and prepare the ground
  • We place the tents and furnish them
  • You set up facilities for extra income if you wish to offer home-cooked food, bike rental etc.
  • We do the sales & marketing
  • You are the host for “meet & greet” or more
  • The season is April-October or can be year-round

join feather down

About Feather Down

  • A successful brand (we’ve been in operation for 11 years)
  • Over 2 million annual visitors to the website
  • Average guest satisfaction score 9.4
  • Sales in 5 markets and 4 languages
  • Top-quality accommodation
  • Commitment to innovation

We are looking for partners all over, but especially in the following areas:

  • Yorkshire
  • Lake District
  • Kent
  • Norfolk and Suffolk (especially the coast)
  • The Wales west coast
  • Scotland
  • Within 20 minutes of the coast

Ready to get started?

Contact us at (or call us on +44 2036953381).
Joining Feather Down could give you an excellent opportunity for diversification that blends in well with your current activities. So, if you are a farmer and reading this page, contact us to find out more .