All pitch in making pizza on the glamping holidays!

On your holidays pizza evening while glamping at Feather Down

On your holidays pizza you and your kids have made yourselves … In the evening, you will gather at the large table to make your pizzas from all sorts of toppings. You’ll definitely not be able to recognise this pizza, but it will satisfy all of your needs! You can choose lots of cheese of course plus meat or many vegetables. What will you choose, and what will your kids choose?

When you have finished making your pizza, the fire will be stoked in the big wood-burning oven by the farmers. In a few minutes you will have a smoky, naturally baked pizza to enjoy. For children, there is nothing more fun than their favorite meal they have come up with themselves, even though there may be blank spaces and large chunks!

When your farm holidays pizza is ready, there are the long tables to eat at and at which to share stories with each other on this luxury camping UK getaway.

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Have a look at the film below to see how a pizza evening on the farm with your kids might be for you!