Gramping: for grandparents too!Gramping: glamping on the Feather Down farm with the grandparents

With the grandparents on the Feather Down farm, you will be surprised at the effect of stepping out of routine and away from home ground by being together somewhere completely different, having gone gramping!

See what you never knew grandpa could do, and discover the different directions conversations can take. It’s hard to know who will be the happiest about the arrangement: the kids or the grandparents! We offer you everything that Feather Down has in spades and a location so different to that of meetings normally that no-one will ever forget it. Take a look at the locations to visit Feather Down with the grandparents

Getting back to the basics, in comfort

Balancing practicality and feeling, all of our spacious and cosy tents include flushing toilets and proper beds. In fact, some of the highest praise Feather Down has received is for the quality of its beds, which are ideal for the older generation as they are for the rest of the party who, arguably, may need the comfort less! Family holidays with us are not about cramming in as many activities as you can; it’s about getting back to basics and discovering what fun you can have together during your family break.

Heading back to before the computer age

Spending quality time together without everyday distractions is what it’s all about at Feather Down. There is no electricity in the tent, and with children unplugged from video games and computers, grandparents will be back in their element. Glamping becomes gramping! Not relying on devices indispensable to everyday life, see how time stretches out and the grandparents are able to fill it. You will not experience a family farm stay with the grandparents like this anywhere else!