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UK  glamping holidays – the Feather Down way

Feather Down Farms are often described as glamping holidays. Glamping – a portmanteau of glamorous and camping – is a way of combining the outdoor adventure of camping with the luxury of a hotel. Glamorous camping is growing in popularity among those who want to camp without sacrificing any of their home comforts. While we think the label applies in some ways, we like to think Feather Down offers something a little bit different…

One part of the glamping ethos we fully endorse is getting a good night’s sleep. On a Feather Down Farm you go to bed in comfort in your glamorous safari tent with proper beds. There is no comparison with basic camping when it comes to sleeping…

  • Your luxury tent is 45 m2 in size!
  • There are 3 bedrooms including the much-loved cupboard bed.
  • You sleep on proper beds with high-quality duvets – no messing about with sleeping bags!
  • There is fresh running water and a flushing toilet in the tent.
  • It comes with a kitchen area including a wood burning stove and all the kitchen necessities.
  • There is a solid wooden floor, making the tent feel like a traditional farmer’s cottage.

What is different about Feather Down glamorous camping?

So what makes Feather Down different? We like you to be comfortable, but you will not find a coffee machine, flat screen TV or dishwasher in our tents. Feather Down is about experiencing special moments and reconnecting as a family, rather than exactly recreating the amenities of home.

  • There is no electricity in the tents, which brings spending quality time together as a family to the top of the agenda. You will share special moments, without the distraction of your phone, tablet or laptop
  • Dinner and board games can take place by candlelight and oil lamps, creating a cosy atmosphere
  • You warm your tent with a wood burning stove, which means working together to keep the fire going
  • Children love to curl up and sleep in the cupboard bed
  • You will be guests on a real working farm or countryside Collection location. Watch a calf or lamb being born, collect fresh eggs from the chicken coop and explore the outdoors
  • Get your groceries in the Honesty Shop! This gives you the chance to try local foods and fresh produce

You can find Feather Down Farms throughout the UK and abroad, for glamorous camping getaways with a difference on real working farms, as well as at other countryside locations within the Feather Down Collection.