To enjoy the finest family holiday at Feather Down going Thüringen glamping, reserve your space early and enjoy the exciting adventure and history of this region. Your pre-booking confirmation allows you two weeks to decide if you want to complete your booking, giving you peace of mind.

Summer Holidays in Thüringen

This pretty region is well known in Germany for its nature and adventure activities. Feather Down visitors love the warmth of summer when the beech trees are green on the Hainich mountains. Beech and spruce trees are found at the higher elevations in this amazing deciduous forest. The Hainich mountains are protected by the Rhön Biosphere Reserve and boasts a special Treetop Trail.

The Feather Down experience

Glamping at Feather Down is the perfect occasion for enjoying warm summer breezes and your comfortable, spacious tent. Time spent bonding with the whole family, cycling, hiking and savouring picnics in nature is priceless. Stop alongside a stream for photo opportunities, a cup of hot coffee or cool drink or fish in the local rivers.

Mid-year family holiday

The valleys, rivers, lakes and reserves make this an ideal choice for a mid-year family holiday, when the weather is still warm. The Thüringian forest is the largest in Germany and includes more than 7000 km of walks and trails which will put you in touch with the natural world. The Schiefergebirge are a great spot for a day trip and Saale features Germany's largest dam lake area. Booking your tent at Feather Down early means you wont miss out on a startling glamping location.