Glamping in Schleswig-Holstein

The northernmost German state is very varied. Natural parks with wooded hills alternate with lake and river landscapes. The beauty of nature can most intensively be experienced during a glamping holiday on the farm. Hike around or take a bike, which is the best way to experience Schleswig-Holstein.

Experience the maritime character of the cities of Schleswig-Holstein on a family holiday. You should definitely visit Kiel, the capital city of the Kiel Fjord. Also, Lübeck, known for the Holstentor and the Lübeck marzipan is worth a visit. Enjoy the historic buildings and cultural highlights or use the time for a relaxing shopping spree.

A holiday between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea

In Schleswig-Holstein you can choose between two coasts. On the North Sea, you will find the unique Wadden Sea (UNESCO World Heritage) and green dykes, while white sandy beaches and bizarre cliffs on the Baltic Sea await you.

Visible from afar, the red-and-white lighthouses that provide safety for ships spread a magnificent coastal romance. Small places with typical thatched houses, sea air and the shrieking of seagulls contribute to the area.

A break on the farm in the far north of Germany

The whole family benefits from a holiday on a farm in Schleswig-Holstein. Detached from the daily obligations, there is time with the family, time for rest and time for reflection. They experience what happens on a real farm and can contact the animals. Treat yourself to a lasting glamping family holiday and book now!

Currently, WiesenBett does not offer a farm in Schleswig-Holstein.