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A glamping holiday in Germany on the farm

Travel in the south of Germany and let yourself be enchanted by the varied landscape in Bavaria including the East Bavarian low mountain range, the foothills of the Alps with the three large lakes in eastern Bavaria winding to the Bavarian Alps. There is a lot to discover. For a sense of harmony in the dramatic landscape, there are the beautiful onion domes, which protrude from each skyline. Out of town, the typical deciduous and coniferous forests of southern Germany are perfect for walking and cycling. The foothills of the Alps are ideal for interesting mountain tours where you are often rewarded with panoramas to take the breath away.

Glamping Holiday in Bavaria

Bavaria offers beautiful landscapes, perfect conditions for sports and recreation, rich art and cultural treasures, and of course the proverbial Bavarian hospitality. And everywhere in Bavaria you can pamper yourself in the inviting guesthouses with the culinary specialties of the various regions.

Meet the Bavarian idyll

Glamping on the farm can be great for getting to know people and seeing how they tick when always surrounded by these amazing vistas and needing to make the land work with them. Through contact with your hosts, learn firsthand what life in the Bavarian countryside means. Book your glamping farm holiday right away for the desired date.