Glamping in Allier on a Feather Down farm:

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Explore the area:

Bocage bourbonnaise offers a magnificent landscape of soft valleys and rolling hills, dressed with great forests and a tapestry of dotted oaks and hedges. Wandering this glorious area, you will see an array of traditional French houses, chateaux and villages that have somehow managed to escape the influence of modernisation. You and your family will feel as though you have entered a bygone period in this medieval paradise. This is the perfect place to explore on foot, horseback or by bike. The Bourbonnais gastronomy scene is also something to explore. The region offers quality products and essential specialties, such as potato pie, Charolais meat, andouillette, wines of Saint-Pourçain and famous Vichy pastilles.

History lovers will adore this region! We recommend the Chateau de La Palice Castle. The same family has lived in this castle since 1430, however the castle itself has undergone many architectural changes. The Bourbon-l'Archambault castle, the Grand Casino de Vichy and the Chareil-Cintrat castle are just a sample of the many castles in the area, that you must visit! There are many churches and abbeys in the Allier regions also. The Cathedral of Moulins, the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Souvigny, the church of Saint-Menoux and the abbey of St Vincent de Chantelle are some of the most famous.

Family holidays in the countryside:

Our location, Bonneblond is in the quaint town of Saint-Désiré. The Saint-Désiré church located along the Roman road is worth a visit, as is the Abbey of Noirlac and the Castle of Culan nearby. Adrenaline junkies may be interested in bungee jumping from the Culan viaduct. For those who prefer the security of solid ground, the beautiful villages of Charroux, Hérisson and Souvigny offer picture perfect streets, cafes and scenery. Lovers of parks and beautiful gardens will adore the Arboretum of Balaine, the Park of Sources and Erich Engelbrecht Monumental Sculpture Park at the Chateau des Fougis in Thionne.  Some other must-see spots include, the gorges of the Allier where you can fish, canoe and row on this river. Picturesque towns including Montlucon, Moulin and the spa-town of Vichy offer more amenities, in stunning settings.

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