Feather Down is looking for influencers!

Our influencers are glamping enthusiasts, nature-lovers, animal-lovers and outdoor-lovers. Most importantly, they are talented and passionate about visual storytelling. Whether you are a photographer or a blogger, your creative work enhances the beauty of our farms around Europe; enabling us to tell our story to people what our Feather Down locations are all about!

How to Apply!

We are looking for influencers, journalists and bloggers with a love of nature, outdoors and animals to curate visual content in forms of pictures and videos that will be able to showcase your ability to story tell the outdoors and nature. You need to have a portfolio of your work to show us, but you will have a better chance if you are in social networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and have your own blog.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to own the best gear in town, but we do expect that you maintain a mind-set for high-resolution and high-quality visuals. You can look at our pictures to see what we are looking for!

If you check all the boxes above, you can apply now!

How our influencer trips work!

Step 1 – Prep your trip!

You will be given one of our farm locations to shoot – you will have complete control of your creative direction but there will be a few mandatory shots list you will have to take.

Be sure that you prep accordingly before your trip as many of our farms are in remote areas! Even though we encourage farmers to give accurate directions of the farms, you are bound to have bad service and GPS during your way there. Try to arrive before the sun sets so you can have a good look and feel of the surroundings of the farm before your shoot! So, we encourage that you arrive exactly on the earliest check in time at 4pm.

nouveautés hébergements

Step 2 – Tell our farm’s story with your visuals

Your goal of the shoot is to create an engaging story to our viewers – this will shape the way they view our farms as a brand. Capture moments that will convey our demographics, whether its of the host, the lodges itself, surroundings of the farms, activities within the farm or nearby attractions. Get creative and do your best to tell the story of the farm and their hosts!

Most of all, don’t forget to make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the fresh air and view before you start the day!

Step 3 – Editing tone of your visuals

When you look at our sample pictures, we a few guidelines to what we want in our visuals:


  • Include people in it (be sure to ask for their consent first!)
  • Bright, vibrant nature colors
  • Warm tones (think about the golden hour)
  • Realistic and accurate depiction of the farm and surroundings
  • Horizontal pictures (some verticals are okay too)


  • Dark, cool tones
  • No processing at all! (overexposure, HDR, unrealistic edits, etc)
  • Sepia, B&W filters

Step 4 – Trip completed!

Once we receive your work, we will curate your final content back into our website and marketing channels. When we share our influencers’ work, we will state that the farm is “FD influencer verified!”. We would appreciate and love if you can share your work to your social platforms as well!

If you’re our next influencer then apply now!


Want to apply or have any questions? – TEST

No worries, write an e-mail to Michelle (m.jasin@featherdown.co.uk) for more information