Farm holiday adventure

Every day new and exciting experiences on your family holidays

On any day, your adventure could include you could witnessing the birth of calves, foals, lambs or kittens. Another day could see you in the cab of a tractor crossing over a wide field, perhaps doing the driving yourself. Bring the cows in from the meadow to the barn or help do the milking. Some of our farms have their own horses, which you can watch galloping across the field. Better yet, do some grooming and learn some pony care.
Days you will remember for a long time
It’s the little things that make a family vacation on a farm so different. We bet that your breakfast will taste quite different when you or your children have collected it fresh out of the chicken coop. And as the farms are usually located near a forest, river or canal and you can build your own tree hut, go swimming or canoe in the river. From dusk ’till dawn you will be able to hear the birds. It’s up to you to guess which bird it is… These are the experiences to open your eyes and make your family holidays in the countryside a fulfilling adventure for your children and for you yourself.

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