Do you have any questions regarding Feather Down? Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Measures taken on Dutch farms with regard to COVID-19
We will do everything to make your holiday an unforgettable one, of course, we must adhere to government regulations as well. So that you can enjoy your holidays safely, we have taken the following measures:

– When you arrive at the farm, please send only one person to report to the farmer
– All accommodation will have a private shower
– The pizza evening will be adjusted,
– The farm store is open, it is possible to enter only one family at a time
– It is forbidden to receive visitors for the moment
– The tents are thoroughly cleaned
– Specific measures, which may vary by farm, will be explained to you on-site

We can only stay during a different period such as Wednesday until Saturday, is that possible?
Our arrival and departure days are on Monday and Friday. The accommodations can be booked for various periods, but only with these change over days. Some locations offer flexible arrival dates outside of school holidays with a minimum stay of 2 nights (please note: Sunday is not an arrival day). During the regular (bank) holidays such as Easter, the dates are set.

Can we stay for just 1 night?
No, we only offer stays with a minimum of 2 nights.

Can I take out travel cancellation insurance?

Yes, we even recommend that to you. Feather Down offers you travel cancellation insurance when booking.

You are insured for cancellation costs in the following cases:

  • You, a co-insured, a person who shares your home or a child living at home must undergo a medically necessary intervention
  • The person that you were going to stay with during your trip who lives abroad becomes seriously ill, is seriously injured or dies and as a result, can no longer have you stay.
  • For unexpected medical reasons, you cannot have the inoculations that are mandatory for your travel destination.
  • Through no fault of your own, you lose your permanent job and become unemployed.

For the full list, please read the full terms and conditions here.

Is there space to put a (travel)cot in the accommodation?
Yes, you can fit a travel cot in the accommodation. You can also hire one from us for a small fee.
Due to limited space, only 1 cot per lodge is allowed.

Can we bring our dog?
Some of the farms* allow well-behaved dogs. A maximum of 2 dogs per accommodation is allowed, fee applicable. Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times while on the farm and campsite and can not be left behind in the accommodation. *=Find out which of our locations allow dogs. 

Can we park our car next to the accommodation?
At the location, there will be a designated parking area. From there you can use the provided wheelbarrow to transport your luggage to your accommodations. Cars are not allowed on Feather Down properties and next to the accommodation.

Do we have to bring our own bed linen?
Each person will be given a sheet and duvet cover for a single bed plus a pillowcase (synthetic duvets and pillows are included). When booking a 4, 6 or 10 person Canvas Lodge,  you can book towels as an extra when making your reservation or bring your own. When booking a Frills Lodge or Log Cabin, towels are included. A towel package consists of one bath towel and one small hand towel.  You will need to bring your own bed linen for children under two years if you are bringing your own travel cot. *Exception for Collection locations: bed linen and towels are not included. This can be booked as an extra when making your reservation or you can bring your own.

Do I have to take anything along from home such as food and drinks, etc?
At each location you will receive a starter pack with kitchen towels, candles, tealights, washing up liquid and 1 roll of toilet paper. In the Feather Down kitchen, you will find everything you need: pots, pans, mugs, cups, mugs, plates and cutlery. At each Feather Down farm, you can also find an Honesty shop for some shopping, you can find the basic groceries such as milk, butter, eggs, fruit and vegetables, wine, pasta, oil, and coffee. You can also buy extra toilet paper and there is usually also a local supermarket nearby.

What is available in the Honesty shop?
At each farm, you can find an Honesty shop. As there are only about 5 to 10 tents at the farms, the selection in the farm shop is limited. The available selection will mostly consist out of basic necessities for breakfast and a simple warm meal. Other than that there will be juices, sodas, beer, and wine. Snacks and some sweets for the little ones can also be found in the shop. Some farm shops also offer ice cream during the summer. Other than that there are also the local products and handy items such as toothpaste, shampoo, etc. *Exception for Collection locations: these locations do not have an honesty shop.

Do we have to book our ‘Added Treats’ at the time of booking?
No, you can book the added treats/extras at a later stage up until a week before you go via us, your personal page or directly at the farm. We advise you to book some of the more sought-after extras in advance due to their popularity or limited stock, e.g. bicycles, and activities for children.

Extra persons: We are a group of 7, can we all fit in one accommodation?
The tents are suitable for a maximum of 5 persons of 12 years and older or for 6 persons should the group consist out of two children younger than 12. This is due to the fact that the cupboard bed is only suitable for one adult or children younger than 12. The corner of the cupboard bed is “cut off” which limits the space inside. It is also allowed to bring along 1 baby younger than 2 years old, provided the baby will sleep in a cot. Extra (air)mattresses in the accommodations are not allowed.

*For groups of 7 we would recommend booking the Canvas Lodge for 10.

Are there bicycles for hire?
At almost every farm it is possible to hire bicycles: adult and child size bicycles and child seats for on the bike. This can be booked online or directly at the farm if still available.

At what time can we arrive?
Arrival check-in time is usually between 4 and 6 p.m. Please double-check your welcome document as times sometimes vary per farm. The time between the departure and arrival of guests is key for the host(s) to be able to prepare the accommodations for the arrival of their new guests. Because of this, it is not possible to arrive before 4 pm. Should you be delayed and expect to arrive later than 8 pm, please contact your host(s) to make them aware of this. You can find the contact number as well as the address for the farm in the welcome document on your personal page which will be available once your booking has been paid for in full. Should you arrive later than 9 pm, your host is entitled to charge an extra fee of £30.

At what time do we have to depart?
On the day of departure, you are requested to vacate the accommodation before 10:30 am. Please double-check your welcome document as times sometimes vary per farm. Should you not vacate the accommodation before 10:30 am, your host is entitled to charge an extra fee of £30.

How do we keep our food cool and fresh?
In the accommodation, there is a cool chest. In this cool chest are cooling elements that will keep your food and drinks chilled. Once these cool elements run out you can swap them for new ones. In the farm shop or shed there will be a coolbox where you can swap the cool elements.

How can we make coffee?
You can make yourself a filter coffee or use a coffee percolator which can be found in the accommodation. Or take instant coffee with you: whatever takes your fancy!

Won’t it be too cold during spring and autumn?
The wood-fired stove inside of the accommodation will keep it warm and it cosy. It is important to regularly add some wood! During the night we would recommend to bring warm pajamas and perhaps some extra blankets and a hot water bottle for in bed.

Is there electricity in the accommodation and where can I charge my phone?
No, there is no electricity in the accommodation. Turn off your phone and put away your tablet as time with each other is key during a Feather Down holiday! Should you have to charge your phone during your stay, it will be possible to do so in the farm shop. Most of the times there will also be power sockets available at the communal shower block. At some locations, there is limited Wifi available. Usually not within the accommodations but close to the main house. Ask and discuss with your host on arrival.

Is horse riding available at the farm?
At many of our locations, you can find horses and ponies. Unfortunately horse riding is not available, however, it is possible to book a pony grooming session to learn all the basic of taking care of the horses. Some locations also offer the possibility to take your own horse with you. You can book a stable or a designated spot in the field when making your reservation. This will have to be prebooked.

Do we have to clean the tents when we leave?
It is expected that guests do the following on the day of departure:
– Empty the bins, putting rubbish into a waste bag and placing it in a container
– Strip the beds, collect all linen and hired towels and bring them to the designated area.
– Make sure the washing up is done and has been put away
– If you book a few tents, please make sure the right number of cutlery, chairs, etc., is put back in the right tent.

Is there running water in the accommodation?
In the kitchen area in the accommodation, you can find cold running tap water. De Feather Down toilet can be flushed like a normal toilet. A warm shower can be taken at the communal showers or if you have booked an accommodation with private shower (which is a gas-powered shower). Find all accommodation types here.

Are we allowed to pitch our own tent next to the accommodation or bring our own caravan?
Feather Down is a unique concept which we treasure deeply. Because of this, we do not allow to bring your own tent or caravan.

How many tents do they have on each farm?
The number of tents varies by location (tent numbers range from 1 to 10).

Can’t find the answer to your question?
Send us an e-mail with your question to or phone us on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm on 01420 80804. Or send us a message on Facebook!