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Feather Down farm holidays are ideal for the family

You can enjoy a glamping family holiday with the little ones. Feather Down makes glamping about the family and is great if you have a young family.

At a Feather Down farm, we make sure your holiday is perfect and practical in nature:

  • You can hire furniture for children (cots, high chairs, fireguard etc)
  • There is a mains flushing loo in the tent
  • There is usually an animal paddock with animals near the Feather Down tents
  • The whole family can go on the farm tour and enjoy learning together
  • At most of our Feather Down farms you can look after your own chicken, rabbit or guinea pig during your stay, which teaches little ones about caring for an animal
  • You can enjoy the fresh air together by taking a nature walk
  • Our tents have three ‘bedrooms’ and there is room for a travel cot in the master bedroom or the bunk bed room

How is Feather Down suitable for the little ones?

You may wonder how you could go camping with the little ones, but you would be surprised at how much fun you can have without the worries of pitching a tent, since our tents are more like lodges with real wooden floors and large bedrooms.

  • Running cold water inside the tent
  • The little ones can bathe the old fashioned way in front of the fire
  • You can collect eggs from the chicken coop together, and nothing tastes better than a freshly laid egg
  • Children get the freedom of being outside with all the new experiences of a farm stay
  • With woodland walks, beautiful bike rides using child seats (where available), and places to paddle, there is no end to the options on a Feather Down farm
  • The tents are pitch black at night (with oil lamps and candles unlit), so the little ones sleep very well
  • Feather Down is a category in its own right; it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Take a look at what your days could be like on a Feather Down farm stay.

You will find Feather Down farm holidays all throughout the UK & abroad, exclusively on real working farms where the farmers play an active role in looking after the beautiful British countryside.