Peace of mind for your next Feather Down holiday

As the world adjusts in times of uncertainty and to give you peace of mind when booking a Feather Down holiday, we would like to reassure you with our book with confidence guarantee. Our guarantee features a booking and safety procedure that will not compromise your Feather Down experience and have something for you to look forward to. Relax because you are in good hands!

Your Booking Guarantee at Feather Down:
If the stay can’t continue due to covid, you will be able to rebook your stay
We only ask for a 30% deposit

You can rebook your stay if:
→ You are tested positive and have proof, and/or;
→ You need to go into quarantine in the country of destination, even though you are vaccinated and/or tested, and/or;
→ The borders are closed

Why choose feather down?

95% of our guests are satisfied with the COVID-19 measures taken at our locations

97% of our guests agree that Feather Down is a suitable holiday destination during COVD-19

We will be opening our farms to our guests for a much anticipated holiday. As a customer-centric business, the safety of our guests has always been our top priority during these uncertain times. We would like to reassure our guests that we are taking extra measures to protect the health and safety of our farmers and guests.

Why can we open? Our small-scale sites are carefully placed in unique and remote locations far from the crowd and the city. You will also benefit from a dedicated accommodation that is fairly spaced out from other accommodations.

How we manage it? All accommodations will have a private flushing toilet inside all of our lodges and you will have a choice of shower. If you opt for the outdoor or ensuite shower, this is already a private shower that is located next to your tent and inside your tent, respectively. If you are staying in our lodge with a farmhouse shower, the shower blocks are communal. Our tents and facilities will be carefully cleaned, disinfected, and ventilated for you prior to your arrival.

Your health and safety matters

It is important that we keep ourselves updated with the latest government restrictions, but we also recommend that our guests also keep themselves updated with the guidance prior to booking or arrival.

What we have done and can advise our guests:

→ We have received the official UK signal “We’re Good To Go” to signal that we have worked hard to follow the government and industry COVID-19 guidelines to maintain cleanliness and social distancing in our UK locations
→ We encourage our guests to thoroughly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds throughout their stay. We also encourage our guests to bring their own face masks and hand sanitisers to use around the area.
→ If you or a family member are feeling sick or have been confirmed, we ask you to contact our booking office as soon as possible and for you to not come to our location. We will rebook your stay to another date.

We will do everything to make your holiday an unforgettable one, of course, but we must adhere to government regulations as well. So that you can enjoy your holidays safely, we have taken the following measures on our UK locations to minimise any risk of transmission

Preparation for your stay:

→ Arrival and departure times have been amended for an extra cleaning routine
→ Our tents will be carefully cleaned, disinfected and ventilated for you prior to your arrival.
→ When you arrive at the farm, please send only one person to report to the farmer/host
→ Specific measures, which may vary by farm, will be explained to you on-site
→ During your stay, outside visitors will not be allowed.

Change in activities:

→ Depending on the farm, the pizza evening has been adapted or canceled
→ Depending on the farm, the farm tour has been adapted or canceled
→ The farm’s honesty shop will be open but only one person is allowed inside at a time

To find the latest updates on the ongoing situation and how it might affect your Feather Down holiday:

UK Government Guidance
Scotland Government Guidance
Wales Government Guidance