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– Feather Down –

Our concept of luxury camping on the farm!

At Feather Down, you will stay with the farmer on the farm and enjoy quality time without modern facilities and the distractions of everyday technology! Come and enjoy one of our 70 luxury glamping locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, and even Switzerland! Our accommodations comes without electricity or Wi-Fi, and these are replaced with the ambiance of oil lamps and candles, and the heat from a classic style wood burning stove. The accommodations are fully equipped for up to 6 people (max. 5 adults and 1 child under 12 years) and the living area will be 45m2 to 51m2 depending on the type and will include the following:

– Double bed, bunk bed and our famous cupboard bed
– Wood stove, kitchen unit and a dining table
– A private toilet and running water
– Picnic table, barbeque, and deck chairs
– Starter pack oils lamps, candles and kitchen linen
– Communal showers*

*some of our tents has its own separate showers, ensuite bathrooms or separate bathrooms

Forget time and live close to the farm animals

Feather Down is intended for those looking for a quality glamping stay that marries simplicity with style. Each Feather Down time is spent learning about nature, life on the farm and each other. For children, everyday life on the farm will be a source of endless discoveries. Feather Down offers children the chance to live close to the animals they usually only see on their screens at home. Each host gives their own tour around the farm, and this often how kids make friends at other tents and get introduced to the farm animals. This unique proximity to nature remains etched in the memory of young and old. A family holiday glamping experience you will not find anywhere else!

Homemade meals with local products for a unique glamping holiday

Some farms has a pantry or an Honesty Shop where you can find locally and regionally produced products. Cook delicious food from the comfort of your tent! All units are equipped with the necessary kitchen utensils that are needed to prepare the family meal. You’ll find that cooking becomes a privilege and magical moment of a unique farm holiday.