Pure pleasure at a beautiful Collection site: glamping in nature

The Feather Down Collection: glamping in nature

A Feather Down Collection venue is all about pure and simple enjoyment. They’re designed for a special holiday with family or friends at an exclusive location without fuss. Explore, improvise, and discover glamping in nature.

There are none of the regular Feather Down farm activities such as tours of the farmyard, pizza party and seasonal activities, and there is no farm shop on site. The Collection locations give you all the time to yourselves to really get away from it all, and to relax and enjoy the location.

A Feather Down Collection location can be on a farm, estate or other countryside location. Various types of accommodation can be found at a Collection site: from the original luxury Feather Down tent to a log cabin or a tent that comes with a hot tub. The range of course varies by location.

The Feather Down Collection accommodation interiors

Each Feather Down Collection accommodation is fully furnished. In the kitchen of the tent is cold running water. On the site itself there are hot showers, which may be private or communal. The tents are equipped with all imaginable kitchen supplies; from scissors to skillet, cutlery to coffee cups. No need to bring it from home.

As always, there is no electricity in the tent, and light is provided by oil lamps and candles. Cooking is on a wood burning stove in the tent or cabin. Or choose to cook outdoors on your own barbecue. Furthermore, each Feather Down Collection accommodation has a private toilet and spacious beds. The tent rental includes kitchen linen and the use of firewood for the stove.

Staying in a beautiful glamping holidays UK location

The tent interiors are inspired by the 1800s, but without any sign of the rough discomfort of the time. The beds are among the most highly-rated features – your night’s sleep will not be disturbed by stony ground!

The wooden-floored tents vary in size, starting at 45m2. From this year, all have a canopy extending the roof out in the front, to create a sheltered space from which to watch the world go by. Depending on the accommodation type, you will also have your own wooden decking beneath the canopy.

Can you see yourself glamping in nature at a Feather Down Collection location? Take a look at our Collection locations in the UK:

What is the difference?

Farm Tour
On-site host
Flushing toilet
Pizza night The cost of the pizza night is not included
Equipped with kitchenette
Cold running water
Wood for heating & cooking
Kitchen linen package
Honesty Shop
Quality beds