A luxurious family holiday in Westhoek!

A glamping holiday in Westhoek, Belgium always takes place in the grounds of a farm where people still work hard every day. Here you can experience the life that the farmer and the farmer's wife have been leading for years. This way you can enjoy fun activities in the great outdoors and the fresh air in a relaxed way!

Experience life on the farm in the Flemish Westhoek!

Westhoek is a Flemish region in Belgium and France. The famous cities such as Poperinge and Ypres offer various activities! Activities include large network of walks, interesting museums, and plenty of terraces to enjoy the sun and local cuisine! Just outside the city of Poperinge, you will find Hoeve den Overdraght.

Hoeve den Overdraght has been part of the landscape for many years. It was built around 1850 and has the distinctive Flemish roof. With their own farm wool production, their Holstein cows, and the eye they have for rare and special breeds of sheep, the farm has built up much that is worthy of sharing. Rest, de-stress and simply enjoy yourself here!

Discover the good life of Belgium

A visit to the Belgian Coast can certainly not be missed during your family vacation to Belgium. The length of the coast is approximately 67 kilometers, which makes for a nice long walk on the beach to get a breath of fresh air. It is also the ideal place for water sports such as (wind) surfing! If you want to make a less active visit to the beach, there are several beach pavilions that are at your disposal so that you can enjoy the sun while enjoying a drink.