A luxury family holiday in West Flanders!

The fact that you do not always have to travel far for a successful family vacation is clear when you enjoy glamping at one of our nice farms at the Feather Down location in Belgium. Glamping is a new way of camping with lots of extra luxury. In addition, the real holiday feeling is maintained in our comfortable tents that are just as decorated as the rooms of farms in the past!

Experience life on the farm in West Flanders!

A Feather Down holiday in Belgium always takes place on the grounds of a farm where people work hard every day. Here you can taste the life of the farmer which the farmer has been leading for years. This way you can enjoy fun activities in the open air and fresh air outdoors in a relaxed manner!

Discover the good life in Belgium

West Flanders is a typical region where the good life is lived. They enjoy good food and drinks while enjoying a good conversation, as you can see in the many hospitable catering establishments. The capital Brussels and cities such as Ghent, Antwerp, and Mechelen have many historic buildings and interesting museums. A little further from the city of Ghent, located in the Westhoek (close to the coast and the French border) you will find Hoeve den Overdraght Collection. Resting, de-stressing and simply enjoying yourself here! On the other side of Belgium, in Bruges, you'll feel completely back in the Middle Ages during a boat trip through the city! Discover the beautifully restored bridges, houses, and churches. You will also find our farmhouse Hoeve Brugge Collection at only 15 minutes by car! Hoeve Brugge Collection is a special location in the middle of the Brugse Ommeland where there is a lot to experience. The Verhegge family is looking forward to welcoming you.

Choose an original family holiday today!

Take the decision today and book an original glamping holiday on a beautifully situated Feather Down farm!