Hot tub holidays in the Log Cabin

Daydreaming about hot tub holidays? Step outside time and into the Feather Down Log Cabin Frills, where rustic interiors meet modern luxury. The cabin is the perfect bolthole on an adventure in the countryside, a cosy space to spend time with family and friends, while nature unfolds all around you. Gathered around the hearth with your loved ones, you'll feel both right at home and far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Spread over a ground floor and mezzanine, the log cabin is luxurious without being ostentatious. It's made even more special by the outdoor hot tub, available at Hollings Hill Farm in the Malverns. Relax and take in the view, or splash around with the children - the hot tub suits every mood. Please note that there is no electricity in the accommodations.

Balancing practicality and atmosphere

Cabin tub 6p -EN

Feather Down holidays are all about getting away from the usual distractions and reconnecting with family or friends. The Log Cabin underlines this ethos, with turn-of-the-century farmhouse interiors, a wood burning stove, and a door that opens right out onto nature. However, practicality and luxury are never forgotten, and the cabin boasts a flushing toilet, hot shower and comfortable beds.

The size of the Log Cabin is approximately 45m².

Come and be at home in nature at Hollings Hill Farm in your log cabin, on the porch or luxuriating in the delicious heat of your own hot tub.

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