The Glamping Chalet Collection for 4 persons merges beautifully into the woodland where it stands. An authentic glamping experience: you’ve got all the comfort you need while being in the middle of nature. A large glass sliding door and large steel windows overlooking the panoramic views, a wood stove to keep you warm and comfy, large comfortable beds, a beautiful separate bathroom where you can take a hot shower, a real toilet and a kitchen with a wood-fired stove, gas cooker, and sink.

Just slowing down

Forget about time … Feather Down is intended for anyone who is looking for quality time with family or friends, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is no electricity in the Glamping Chalet Collection - spending time together without the usual distractions is what it's all about. Pitching in to light the fire or playing a game together are perfect opportunities to reconnect.

This accommodation is exclusively available at Glastonbury Collection.